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Managed Backup for your Business

Managed Backup from Bluecube is delivered as a fully managed service, including backup monitoring, management and administration, so you can focus on running your business with complete peace of mind that your system and data is protected.

Managed Backup is delivered from a centralised system. You will be provided with the software and all the plug-ins you require and be given a private encryption key to access your data. We operate to military grade encryption (448bit to be precise!) so you can have full peace of mind that your data is safe, off-site, secure and recoverable at all times.

Should you have any questions about your backup, the friendly team at Bluecube are available 24x7x365.

35 servers protected | 7TB data protected

“We wanted the most secure environment and solution available in which to backup all of our servers and data, as well as a company we trust to professionally monitor and maintain the solution, which is exactly what Bluecube consistently deliver.”




  •   Disaster Recovery

  •   Central Live Monitoring

  •   24x7x365 Service Desk

  •   Server Backup

  •   Delta Restore Backup

  •   Local Speed Vault

  •   Cross Platform Integration

  •   Infinite Retention and Scalability

  •   Security and Encryption Keys

  •   Data De-Duplication

  •   Up to 80% Compression

  •   Workstation Backup


It's really quite simple:

> You will be provided with a Cloud Management Console (CMC) link to download and install (this is where you can see the status of your backup)
> Once this has installed you will then need to download the Backup Manager
> You then select the business data, applications and systems to backup and when you want to back it up
> Our software encrypts, compresses and transfers data to our highly secure Managed Backup Platform
> Your data, systems or applications can then be restored to any device or platform at any time

Backup is crucial to all businesses and business continuity. At Bluecube we’ve seen time and time again businesses that don’t backup their files and they get a virus or a server corrupts and their data is lost and unrecoverable. The impact of this can be siginificant.

Once you have selected the data you want to back up, Bluecube 24/7/365 team will monitor and maintain the service for you, reducing your time, effort and resources. We support integrations and plug-in’s at no extra cost.

Our technical support service comes with no call centres and no queues. We are a professional and friendly team who will manage, administer, monitor and pro-actively support the backups everyday.

Quite simply - YES! Not only is it more reliable, tape backup is expensive, vulnerable to obsolescence, can be easily stolen or accidentally lost. Recovering data from a tape solution is a time consuming process (we can recover data from our solution within minutes).

Yes. In your managed backup portal you will be able to choose what reports you would like to receive and the frequency.

This depends on how much you are going to backup. We can backup 9000 files per second using a unique technology called True Delta Technology. We only back up data that has had changes made to it - not the full volume everytime. This form of deep de-duplication ensure you only do one full backup. We combine these changes in cabinets so your bandwidth and CPU useage remains low.

All you will need to do is go on to the Cloud Managed Console and recover the data. Alternatively you can call the Bluecube service desk team on 0845 257 8020 and they will be able to support you on this.

It can be within minutes! The common misconception of Managed Backup solutions is that they are slow to recover your data when you need. At Bluecube we use delta restore, which means you can choose the amount of data that needs to be sent back from the storage servers to your desired location, significantly reducing time. Managed Backup allows you to set priorities on important data sets that would be recovered in the case of a disaster. Also, for no extra cost, you can keep local copy of the data on site using existing hardware for ultra-fast recovery over your LAN.

We offer Disaster Recovery as a Service, through agreed SLA’s and Disaster Recovery process we can ensure your business can get back up and running within an agreed time so it has as little impact as possible to you.

Managed Backup doesn't rely on your existing infrastructure. In fact you don’t need to buy or install any hardware. Managed Backup works with all the major Operating Systems to ensure that the light-weight software integrates with your current IT infrastructure. You tell the software what files, folders, databases or even entire systems to backup and the software will securely transmit encrypted copies of that data to Bluecube’s highly secure data centre.

We have four data centres in the UK and Australia. Our primary data-centre facility is a Tier 4 facility in Milton Keynes. We also have data-centres in Norwich, Sydney and Adelaide to provide geographical resilience to our clients solutions. You can alternatively set up an on premise NAS, USB or disk appliance for and onsite backup. Or both!

We have four data centres in the UK and Australia. Our primary data-centre facility is a Tier 4 facility in Milton Keynes. We also have data-centres in Norwich, Sydney and Adelaide to provide geographical resilience to our clients solutions. You can alternatively set up an on premise NAS, USB or disk appliance for and onsite backup. Or both!

There is no limit on the amount of data, clients or plug-ins.

Our Managed Backup solution seamlessly integrates with Windows®, Linux® and OS X® platforms, as well as Microsoft® Exchange, Hyper-V®, SharePoint®, SQL Server®, MySQL®, Oracle® and VMware®. Again at no extra cost!

It can cost as little as 20p per GB per month. We charge on a data usage policy so let us know how much data you have to backup and we will send you a no obligations quote. But please remember this quote will be the worst case scenario for the data amount specified. We charge after the following has happened:

> Your data has been de-duplicated - we wont charge for the same data to be stored multiple times.
> Your data has been compressed - this can be up to 80%! So we only charge for what data is stored after the compression. Which means if you have 2TB to store and compression is at 80%...we will only charge you for just over 400GB (and that doesn’t even take in to account de-duplication!).

No, unlike some off-the-shelf backup solutions we do not charge extra for plug-in's.

Absolutely! The free trial i s no obligations and easy to set up. I f you would like to set up a trial contact us on 0845 257 8010 or enquiries@bluecube. and one of the team will get that up and running for you.


Data Compression is the amount your data compresses by when it gets backed up - in some cases this can be up to 80% (we only charge on the compressed data usage). Retention is how long we hold your data for. It can be for as long as you need.

Below are examples of how your data can be compressed and the number of days its held for:

Small Business
Selected Size


Used Size





60 Days


High compression resulting in low charge for the service

Medium Business
Selected Size


Used Size





90 Days


Compression is achieving 50% this is primarily due to the file type - a larger client will have exchange mailboxes, SQL databases etc that reduce overall compression

Our backup solution can fit any business and we would love to show you how good it is!

If you want to speak to one of the Bluecube team get in touch on 0845 257 8010 /