Join the team

If you have a passion for technology and want to join a culture that rewards smart, driven, and fun-loving people, you may well be a Bluecube person, and we would love to hear from you!


Getting the right people is crucial to us; our people are the backbone of what we do, they determine whether we achieve our mission "to be leading provider of Outsourced IT Services", by delivering excellent customer service to our clients.

When we find someone that we feel is a Bluecube Person we invite them to join the team and then cultivate them to be the best they can be. We want our staff to stay with us for years (our longest-serving employees have been with us from the very start).

We know that to keep our people, our talent, we have to provide career progression, opportunities to excel, to explore individual interests and, of course, offer a positive working environment.


All Bluecube employees receive a full wellbeing benefits package designed by doctors, scientists and academics, which is focused around the wellbeing of the team. Vitality Health leads to healthier people, and healthier people are happier people who are three times more productive than those in poor health (so it's not completely altruistic!).

So wellbeing is important to us – the more you do to be healthy, the more vitality points you get, the greater the benefits you receive.

Here's a few of the benefits available:
40% off British Airways flights • 50% off health screens • 75% off breaks at Champneys • Free weekly cinema tickets • 45% off hotel breaks • Private healthcare


Current Vacancies

To apply for any of the positions below email us on or call 0845 257 8010. Even if there isn't a job listed below for you but you want to join the Bluecube team please get in contact - we want to speak to you