IT Dos & Don'ts

Security is not as simple as it used to be.  Here at Bluecube we see IT threats every day.  The threats are growing, they are becoming more sophisticated and the risk is very real. 

Gone are the days when a virus writer was creating viruses for “fun”, political or anti-establishment reasons – nowadays it is a big business; whether people are paying to decrypt their data or if they have sent money to a fraudster – and this happens every day.

Technology and software can be used to minimise the risk – but the risk can never be eradicated, mainly due to human behaviours and social engineering.  This is how the majority of the bigger frauds are instigated. Frauds are instigated by criminals, but normally the victim helps them.  Think about what someone is asking you to do.  If you are being asked to click on a link. Open a file.  Send money.  Verify information …. STOP AND THINK

Below is a video that was released by Cifas (the UKs leading fraud prevention service).  It highlights how much information we share – all of which can be used to steal our identify or defraud us.

Here is our advice to help stop you becoming a victim of cybercrime / fraud;