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Outsourcing its ICT is a ‘no-brainer’ says Fast Track 100 banking consultancy

Working with a reliable and responsive managed services provider has given a start-up consultancy the flexibility to grow and the confidence of knowing that everything will just work.

Liz Kent, Head of Operations at Bishopsgate Financial, says the business has grown very fast. Founded in 2009, by 2012 it was recognised as a Fast Track 100 company – placed at number four in the rankings. On the recommendation of a company it worked with, Bishopsgate started working with Bluecube a year before that, in 2011.

Bishopsgate Financial delivers business transformation and change in the banking sector, providing consulting and interim resourcing for global top-tier banks, asset managers, building societies and regulators. The solutions it delivers include enterprise change management, project management, regulatory programmes and enterprise data & management information.


"When we started to grow, we saw the benefits of working with Bluecube. It was a bit of a no-brainer that we outsourced the ICT to Bluecube, rather than hiring somebody in. We knew the guys on the service desk. We'd met them. So we didn't even go out to tender. We just knew we were going to have Bluecube do the IT for us."
Liz Kent
Head of Operations
Bishopsgate Financial

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