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Lighthouse is our exclusive in-house developed Service Management and Helpdesk suite.

Lighthouse has been developed to provide a single service delivery platform for our clients. The result is a 'single pane of glass' that allows our clients to manage all Service Desk tickets, view billing information, manage their user base and view their infrastructure. Lighthouse provides a full 360 degree view of everything that we do.


create service desk tickets

Easy-to-use ticket creation service. Monitored 24 x 7 by a Bluecube engineer.

upate your service desk tickets

You can update or add extra information to your active tickets.

check the status of service desk tickets

View ticket progress that our engineers have made Optional notifications for each ticket update.

user management

Add/remove users. Full audit history of requests making sure your systems are up to date and secure.

view your IT estate

View all servers/workstations that Bluecube support, specifications for each device and the software installed on every PC and server.

billing information

Access real-time information on the metrics we use to charge you for our services.


Lighthouse is a living product. As Bluecube evolves so does Lighthouse. We have a dedicated development team whose sole purpose in life is to make Lighthouse better. We take on board your comments and feedback and incorporate them (well, some of them!) to make managing your IT estate and services as simple as it can be. We utilise new technology and continue to ensure that Lighthouse is the best that it can be.

You should be able to get a feel from the screen shots below as to how simple and easy to use Lighthouse is.

Lighthouse Puffin

Logging a Ticket

Quick, simple and easy. In Lighthouse you can log a ticket online in seconds to get the support you need, when you need it. You simply fill in the description and details of the request, click 'create ticket' and your ticket is sent to our 24 x 7 service desk team.

Lighthouse Puffin

User Management

You can add or remove users from the Service Desk as well as export all user data to a CSV file. Complete, easy, user management of your IT system in one place.

Lighthouse Puffin

Ticket Management

See the status of any ticket, including what has been done, who is working on it and what we did to resolve the ticket.

Lighthouse Puffin


A full 360-degree view of everything we do for you. You can view; ticket volumes, who is using us the most, information about your backups, infrastructure. You can see everything in one simple reporting suite.

I use the Bluecube portal, Lighthouse, to log tickets. It's great, user friendly and there is a lot of information in there about our systems, our support needs and the service that Bluecube provides. Over the years we have made suggestions for extra functionality within Lighthouse that has been implemented, which is great to see.