7 ways IT Support and Service Desk can help your business

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Whether you call it your IT Service Desk, Help Desk, or as some people jokingly refer to them ‘the Help-less Desk”, it is your front line when it comes to IT support for your staff.

If you don’t currently operate an IT Service Desk then here are 10 excellent reasons why you should consider having an IT Support and Service Desk:

Work more efficiently

instead of tracking down someone from IT, your employees can simply log a call or submit a ticket to the IT support team which makes the process more efficient for both the employee with the issue and your IT professional.

Steamline communication

An IT support desk will use software that records issues, comments and solutions which means users don’t have to repeat conversations with different IT support team members and messages don’t go missing. In addition, the software can automatically log and assign issues to specific team members without adding in another layer of communication or communication channel.

Prioritise problems and tasks

Different IT problems need different responses depending on their impact on business processes. Your IT support desk will be able to prioritise the issues raised and ensure severe IT issues are dealt with immediately which minimises the impact on your business and staff.

All your IT support issues in one place

Without an IT support desk in place your users will often seek out an IT team member to fix their problem and these may not always be recorded. By having a help desk facility you can keep all your IT support issues in one place and allow you to monitor KPIs and service levels.

Analyse IT support trends

With all your IT support issues recorded in one place you will be able to analyse IT support trends such as users experiencing the same issue with a particular software programme or the spread of a virus or malware. It can also help you allocate people to specific issues that they have previously dealt with, so speeding up solution times.

Manage expectations

Prioritising and tracking IT support issues enables you to be proactive and helps you manage users expectations by giving them timeframes for finding solutions to their problems. Service level agreements can also provide users with reassurance that their issue will be solved in a timely manner.

Knowledgable staff

IT support desks have access to other IT staff to who they can escalate issues that they are unable to solve remotely, such as despatching on-site IT support engineers. These may be engineers with specific knowledge of your hardware, software or business department.

We often find that the most common reason that companies don’t implement an IT Help Desk is that they believe it will be expensive. But it doesn’t have to be. At Bluecube we bill organisations for our IT Support and Service Desk solution based on the number of users in your organisation, which means you can scale the service up or down as needed. With our outsourced IT Support your IT team can focus on managing and implementing your IT strategy and initiatives to improve your business. And in the days where flexible working is becoming more common amongst organisations, our outsourced 24 x 7 IT Support and Service Desk service means that you can extend the your IT support to outside normal office hours without having to pay ‘on call’ rates.

If you want to know more about our IT Support and Service Desk services, give us a call. A member of our senior Management team will handle your enquiry, making sure that you get the best advice for your individual business.